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Crowns & Bridges are used to restore your smile by helping conceal and fill gaps between teeth that may have been caused by decay or damage.

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What are dental crowns & bridges?

Specifically designed to improve the overall appearance of teeth, crowns and bridges are a very popular corrective treatment.


Crown sits over a weakened, damaged tooth to both protect and improve its appearance. Resembling a hollow cap-like structure, crowns are used to recreate the shape of a tooth that’s unable to be restored by a filling.


Designed to make the process of chewing much easier in addition to improving the tooth’s overall appearance, porcelain and ceramic crowns can be colour-matched to the surrounding teeth – making them excellent options for restoring front teeth.


Ideal if you have a tooth or multiple teeth missing, a bridge is essentially comprised of a false tooth attached to one or more of your existing teeth by a crown or discreet metal wing.


This ‘bridges’ the space, eliminating any gaps and acting to replace a missing tooth.


In exactly the same method as crowns, bridges can also be colour-matched to your surrounding teeth.


Your dentist will invite you to a pre-treatment consultation to inspect your teeth and make an assessment about whether a bridge or crown is the best option. Your dentist will explain the merits of both treatments and what exactly happens during the procedure.


When receiving a crown, the outer surface of the tooth will be reduced and re-shaped ready to accommodate the crown. A mould of the tooth will then be obtained and used to tailor-make your crown. Preparing for bridges is almost identical, except the surrounding teeth are re-shaped and used to take a mould. Once your crown/bridge has been made, it will then be fitted using a strong adhesive.


With regular check-ups and good dental hygiene, crowns and bridges can last up to a huge 30 years so your dentist will advise you to keep up with appointments. Your dentist will continue to make sure that the crown/bridge remains stable and comfortable.


How do you take care of crowns & bridges?

They should be taken care of in exactly the same way as natural teeth, using good dental hygiene on a daily basis. Thoroughly brushing twice a day and flossing is essential to ensure your crown/bridge stays as healthy as possible.

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Are crowns/bridges painful?

No – the process of receiving either a crown or a bridge isn’t usually considered painful. In fact, many patients report experiencing virtually no pain whatsoever!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remove dental crowns or bridges be removed like dentures?

No. Unlike dentures, crowns and bridges can only be removed by a professional dentist, making them a permanent, secure fixture.